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Welcome to Cedric House
Cedric House - Respite Centre

65 Ducat Street
Tweed Heads
NSW 2485


\To be eligible to stay with us you must be one of the following:

  • Be either a carer or/and or care recipient.
  • Be recovering from an operation.
  • Require care whilst suffering from illness.

You must have either:

  • A current Aged Care Assessment showing your low level of care or
  • A letter from a medical professional stating your low level of care.

How long can you stay?

As we only provide short term care each case is treated on a needs basis. You can stay as many times as required throughout the year, although this may depend on if your care is being funded through a government body. Most of our clients have stayed with us on more than one occasion.

What is provided?

You are provided with 24 hour care, all meals prepared, cleaning of rooms and washing are done on a daily basis. Our staff will provide you with excellent professional care.

Each member of our staff have great personal assets which shine through in all their caring roles.

What should you bring?

All linen is provided so just bring your personal items, i.e. shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush & paste, brush/comb etc. If you would like to bring a small radio or some photos please feel free to do so.


It is requested that you leave your valuables at home with either family or friends. If you need to bring any valuable items with you please advise the staff so it can be recorded. Arrangements can be made to lock them up in the office if required.

Morning Teas
Fine Craft Skills
Healthy Walks
Group Exercise
Craft Days

Daily Activities

Whilst staying at Cedric House all clients are encouraged to go for short walks either around the house, or in the laneway next to the house. Staff will accompany you if needed. Visitors can call on you and sit and have a cuppa in the privacy under the back pergola.

Visitors are allowed to pick clients up and take them out for drives, BBQ's, coffee etc if you wish.

On Tuesday we have a ladies day where we encourage clients to participate in the craft program.

Professional Nursing Care

If you require some type of nursing care, you will need to arrange this prior to your stay with us.It is not the responsibility of Cedric House staff to organise.

How much will it cost?

There is a small fee involved, so please contact the office and they will advise you if you are eligible for any government assistance.

Alcohol and Substances

Cedric House is and alcohol and drug free facility. Only prescribed medication is allowed. Clients requiring medication must have the ability to fully administer on their own. All clients are encouraged to have their medication in Webster packs. No alcohol is allowed on the premises. Cigarette smoking is allowed in the areas provided at the front & rear of the building. NO smoking is allowed in the building.

The Canowindra Story

Canowindra Tweed Byron Aged & Disabled Corporation was established in May 1991. We are a community based and controlled local organisation. Our goal is to provide community members with respite care enabling them to remain in their own homes in preference to nursing home care.

Cedric House was a dream of Mr. Cedric Morgan and three other strong male members of the aboriginal community. At the time of opening the facility the four founding members had passed on. The committee and staff continued with the dream and have made Cedric House a home away from home, and the success it is today.

The committee & staff endeavour to provide all their clients with five star care and accommodation. Our facility is a five bed centre providing short term low level care. Each room is self-contained with bathroom & toilet in each. We also have a disabled bathroom with wheelchair access for your convenience should you require it.

Phone (07) 55230311
Fax (07) 55245672
Coordinator - Veronese Burgess

Cedric House is Funded by the Australian Goverment Department of Health and Ageing